All our creations are handcrafted from scratch with premium quality ingredients.



Each tart gift box set consists of the following 4 tart flavours :

  • Yamaimo

  • Lemon Yuzu Meringue

  • Araguani Moonlight

  • Pistachio Raspberry



Each mochi pebbles gift box set consist of 5 mango mochis.

Islandwide delivery between 2.30pm - 6.30pm.  Self pick-up option available at 1.30pm - 2.30pm.
FREE delivery for orders above $70 (1 location per receipt), otherwise a flat fee of $10 applies.


NOTE : Please check our order schedule for tart or mochi opening slots before placing your orders.

Our desserts does not contain pork, lard or alcohol.

Tart Box Gift Set ( 4 Assortments ) - $36

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Each of them are 7cm in diameter. Each box consists of an assortment of four tarts :

Sink into a dream of creamy textures with our rendition of the local Orh Nee dessert.

Fresh Yam Paste | Japanese Sweet Potato |
Coconut Chantily | Coconut Flakes | White Chocolate Swirl




Lemon Yuzu Meringue

A classic staple. Served with refreshing sweetness and a slight tang.

Lemon Curd | Lemon Frangipane | Yuzu Meringue Swirl | Yuzu Jelly Dots | Candied Yuzu


Araguani Moonlight

A shining orb in a sea of darkness. Break the moon open for a delightful burst of stardust!

Valrhona 72% Araguani Dark Chocolate Ganache | Dark Mirror Glaze | 54% Chocolate Shell | Mini Chocolate Rice Balls | Feuilletine Confetti


Pistachio Raspberry

Enter our garden with the fragrance of roasted pistachios and the sweet scent of raspberries.

Pistachio Cremeux | Raspberry Coulis Jelly | Pistachio | Chantilly | Raspberry Halves | Crushed Pistachio Bits | Rosemary

Mochi Pebbles Gift Set ( 5 Pebbles ) - $22 (Seasonal Price)


Each mochi pebbles gift box consist of 5 mango mochis.


Mochi Pebbles

A zen enjoyment in every bite of chewy mochi pull and fresh fruit.

Taiwanese Mochi | Whole Seasonal Fruit

About Pomedochi

Best enjoyed with people.

Founded in 2021. Pomedochi was created with the belief that food is an experience that reminds us of our favourite places, gatherings and acts of kind gestures for ourselves and others.

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